Symphony AR

Symphony AR is an Augmented Reality application that provides its users visual, real time data relevant to their current location and circumstance. Well suited to front Line Emergency Services and Local Government Staff it facilitates the access of important information to safeguard staff and the public.

The Benefits of Symphony AR

The Benefits of Symphony AR

Symphony AR is an Augmented Reality application that provides its users visual, real time data relevant to their current location and circumstance. By using information held in an Aligned Assets Gazetteer, XDM or Geostore database, users can access data on the go via mobile phone, tablet or smart glasses.

Data is represented as Augmented Reality images which are superimposed over the view seen through the camera on the Smart Device, enabling a user to visualise data against the physical world.

Access to this data creates a range of benefits from helping protect the public, safeguarding front line staff, helping to cut down fraud or providing access to any geospatial data.

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The data represented as an Augmented Reality image could be any type of feature. Perhaps it is details pertaining to a Fire Risk associated with a property, the presence of a dangerous animal, a critical marker for the police, a properties billing status or anything else associated with a property. Symphony AR allows this information to be shown to a user easily and efficiently simply by using their mobile, tablet or smart glasses.

Symphony AR will help protect the safety of front line staff from Emergency Services or Local Authority by giving access to data relevant to their current location. This could range from knowing there are hazardous materials in a property on fire to knowing there is a record of a dangerous animal on the premises.

It also helps to protect citizens as it will give staff extra information when visiting or dealing with an incident about the status of occupants in the property. This could include indicators to highlight that some of the occupants may be immobile or have a health condition. The product will also give staff information about surrounding properties which may also be relevant, for example, if the neighbouring property may contain hazardous materials which may have to be take into consideration when dealing with a fire incident.

This information will be made visible to staff in the field without having to request it, thereby increasing their operational effectiveness and by having this information directly to hand, it will help them to make informed decisions when the situation requires a judgement to be made there and then.



Symphony AR has a range of features to make the operational effectiveness of front line staff more beneficial for them and for the public. We have included ways to visualise any information associated with a land or property BLPU (including alternate and historic addresses, building or land classifications and cross references), a map view to complement the Augmented Reality view and the ability to work on multiple android hardware devices, as well as a host of other features.

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Easy Setup

Symphony AR is an android application that can be installed and configured by anyone familiar with installing new applications on a mobile phone. Customers using Symphony AR are able to deploy on multiple devices in just minutes, allowing staff the ability to utilise the data immediately.

Symphony AR contains:

  • The ability to work on any Android device with a recent operating system. This includes smart phone, tablets and smart glasses.
  • The ability to visually represent Risk, People or Location data entered within the XDM templates for Fire, Police and Ambulance.
  • Connect to an Address Database such as LLPG or AddressBase to retrieve information associated with a UPRN. This includes, alternative and historic addresses, property classifications and cross references.
  • Connect to any XDM data held within your organisation in the Aligned Assets XDM database.
  • The ability to connect to a GeoStore database to retrieve point based data.
  • Drill down features to obtain more detailed information when appropriate.
  • An Ordnance Survey overview map of the surrounding vicinity and of location intelligence markers.
  • A radar view to show the direction, distance and number of location intelligence markers.
  • A range adjuster to limit the number of location intelligence markers that can be viewed.
  • Ability to screen capture augmented reality images against the real world
Big Brother & Security

Big Brother & Security

It is worth highlighting that the information returned using Symphony AR will already be held by the organisation itself. Symphony AR simply provides a mechanism for the information to be used efficiently by its staff so that they can undertake their duties effectively.

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End point Security

Symphony AR will be configured so that only authorised users and devices can access the information presented by the backend web services.

Data Access

Symphony AR connects to a centrally installed web service and can be configured to read data held in a database such as XDM , Geostore or your LLPG/AddressBase gazetteer. Data access is regulated through the use of database roles ensuring that the integrity & security of your data is maintained.

Smart glasses compatible

Smart glasses compatible

Symphony AR has been designed to work with all mainstream smartglasses. So whether its hardware from Epson, Vuzix or ODG our application is compatible with them all. Symphony AR works on recent Android Operating Systems and allows you to choose what hardware platform suits your needs best. Whilst smartphone and tablets are likely to be the popular choice, now that the smart glasses technology has significantly evolved since Google Glass days, we fully expect smartglasses to become a practical consideration.

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If you would like to speak with us around using the smart glasses we can make arrangements for an account manager to visit you and show you their capabilities when using Symphony AR.

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Ask a Question

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