Bespoke Software Development

We have nearly 20 years worth of experience when it comes to Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke Development is one of the key facets that sits at the heart of Aligned Assets. Since we were first founded, organisations have approached us for bespoke solutions to solve their problems.

Many of the solutions we now offer were originally bespoke developments for organisations who had a need for something that was not currently available on the market. The innovations developed in these original projects have continued to evolve and in the following cases, have developed into the solutions we provide today. Examples of this include:

Bespoke Software Development - Bluelight


Bluelight, Aligned Assets’ AddressBase gazetteer management system was created in part through the requirements of the FiReControl Project. With the Projects cancellation, Symphony Bluelight is now in use as a corporate gazetteer by a significant proportion of Fire Services, plus Police Forces and Utility Companies.

Bespoke Software Development - Blackbox


Born out of the requirements of a Metropolitan Council’s need to better integrate their local land and property gazetteer, Symphony Blackbox enables any local authority, irrespective of which gazetteer management system they use, to automate exports of their gazetteer data to an unlimited amount of back office systems.

Bespoke Software Development - SinglePoint


The British Transport Police (BTP) required a super-fast, web-enabled way of searching the National Land and Property Gazetteer and through this was born Symphony SinglePoint. Now in use across the public sector, SinglePoint employs web services for sub-second gazetteer searching and third party software integration.

Recent developments have seen it become compatible with the Royal Mail’s PAF data and also with the electoral register.

Bespoke Software Development


CCTV came from further requirements by BTP to compile and then access a database of CCTV cameras. The software was designed to allow them to create and manage CCTV asset and location data, and then integrate that data into other systems. Symphony CCTV is now also in use by the Met Police.

Bespoke Software Development


There was requirement at Cardiff Council to bring in a new system to replace their outdated Estates Management System and with a long history of working together, they turned to Aligned Assets to complete the task.

The result was the Symphony Property Management System, which is designed to manage all the sales, acquisitions, maintenance and legalities involved in property management. It was built using Agile methodology and saw the development team at Aligned Assets working closely with the end users at Cardiff to fulfil all their requirements.