Hosted Address Management

Do you want access to full AddressBase Premium UK dataset (currently excluding NI), without having to host it on site? Our Hosted Address Management solutions could be what you’re looking for.

Hosted Address Management is the ability to manage the address function your organisation requires, without the need for self-hosted solutions.

Rather than your organisation having to own and maintain the servers and software required to manage your addressing needs, our Hosted Address Management solutions give users the ability to have the same level of control and flexibility over the AddressBase Premium data, without the initial high setup costs.

We use Memset Hosting to provide the servers for our Hosted Address Management solutions. As a UK based company, they are subject to the same UK legal requirements that all service providers are required to adhere to, as well as being UK owned and operated.

Alongside a high speed dedicated server, users get access to the full AddressBase Premium UK dataset (currently excluding NI), as well as Change Only Updates (COUs) from Aligned Assets and our SinglePoint and SinglePoint Web Services software to enable sub second searching and integration with third party systems and mobile applications.

As well as Address Searching, users can also use our Address matching service iMatch, to enable address matching for the whole of the UK.

We are able to offer this service as part of a monthly subscription, with no upfront costs. Drastically reducing staff costs, both monetary and time, along with eliminating set up costs.

Aside from financial savings, and the ability to work with a full UK dataset, what are the other benefits provided by our Hosted Address Management Solutions:

  • AddressBase data is held in held in a resilient hosted solution.
  • Hosting confirms to ISO 27001
  • Available 24/7 and uptime of 99.9%
  • Aligned Assets apply the latest changes from the Ordnance Survey every six weeks. You can be sure your organisation is always using the latest Address data.
  • Sub Second searching.
  • Link to our matching tool ‘iMatch’ to provide UK matching facility.
  • All data is safe and secure encryption.
  • Comprehensive set of web services that allows integration with third party systems and mobile applications.
  • Example web services code can be provided to help with embedding.
  • Contains Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN)
  • Gives access to full property lifecycle from planning permission to demolition.
  • Provides an organisation one complete view of addresses for the UK.
  • Low cost as no outlay on Hardware, Software and Database licensing.
  • Try before you buy – a Test login can be provided so you can see for yourself the benefits our Hosted Address Management solutions can bring to your organisation.