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The AddressBase Toolkit has been developed to provide a visualisation of AddressBase data for MapInfo users.



The AddressBase Toolkit has been developed to provide a visualisation of AddressBase data for MapInfo users, allowing the use of AddressBase within your GIS without the cost or complexity of a full database management system.

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The AddressBase range of addressing products are the largest, most accurate and comprehensive address datasets available in the United Kingdom.

At Aligned Assets we have been heavily involved with the NLPG and AddressBase datasets since their inception. Our customers within the local authority and emergency services sectors extensively use these datasets, and through this we realised that some users simply wish to use AddressBase data in their GIS without the complexity and cost associated with a database management system.

We decided to create the AddressBase Toolkit as a means by which all users can benefit from the success of the AddressBase dataset.

Using our knowledge of AddressBase data we have introduced a number of business logic rules including:

  • Delivery Point Address (DPA) taken where DPA and LPI exists.
  • Addressable LPIs are also shown, where no DPA exists.
  • Non Addressable LPIS are also shown ie bus shelters, electricity sub-stations, telephone boxes etc.
  • Historic and Provisional addresses are also provided.

Upon completion of the import users can immediately start using our quick and powerful searching technology to retrieve and view the data they require.

The AddressBase csv format can be complex to use within a GIS. The AddressBase Toolkit carries out all the heavy lifting to convert the data into a meaningful format without the user having to know the AddressBase data structure.



Using the AddressBase Toolkit will allow you to:

  • Generate a formatted view of the AddressBase Data for use within desktop GIS or Web GIS.
  • Allow MapInfo users to search the AddressBase Data. A users search entry is scored using the Lucene scoring algorithm which has been configured to cater for spelling, typos and common abbreviations.

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For each property the AddressBase Toolkit will create a geographic point using the AddressBase EASTING & NORTHING values, meaning it can be accurately represented alongside other GIS data such as OS MasterMap®

  • To help identify different property classifications the property points are styled and coloured to help better visualise in the map window.
  • No requirement for a database platform such as Oracle, SQL or PostgreSQL.
  • Highlight Selected Search Result in MapInfo Window.
  • Filter Search Results based on Property Classifications.

Currently, the released version of the AddressBase Toolkit uses MapInfo Professional, but if your preferred GIS is not MapInfo, just let us know and we can advise you on the product roadmap.

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