The Bluelight Gazetteer is the complete AddressBase Premium address management solution for the emergency services and private sector.



The Bluelight Gazetteer is the complete AddressBase Premium address management solution for the emergency services and private sector. It is fully compliant to the AddressBase technical specifications and allows you to place accurate addressing at the heart of your organisation.

If you are looking to either:

  • Import and use AddressBase data
  • Create and maintain your own address data alongside existing AddressBase data

Then using the Bluelight Gazetteer for AddressBase Premium data management is the solution for you.

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Centralised Gazetteer

Bluelight Gazetteer allows you to store AddressBase data centrally within your organisation and is essential in keeping your address data permanently up to date.

The centralised data is held in a database (Oracle or SQL Server) and data access is controlled using both users and roles.  The tightly maintained database structure allows you to make the most of the address data without being data experts.

Unique Keys

Each property within the AddressBase data is assigned a UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number). The UPRN is a unique number up to 12 digits in length and is assigned to every unit of land and property recorded by local government as a statutory requirement. Every property in Great Britain has a UPRN and each number is never repeated.

Each street within the AddressBase data is assigned a USRN (Unique Street Reference Number). The USRN is a unique number up to 8 digits in length and is assigned to every street recorded by local government as a statutory requirement. Every street in Great Britain has a USRN and each number is never repeated.

There are many reasons why your organisation needs UPRNs & USRNs, but chief among them is the ability to uniquely identify properties and/or streets and therefore remove the possibility of error. There are many ways to spell an address or street, but only ever one UPRN or USRN.

Search Capability

The Bluelight Gazetteer contains a powerful search facility for easy access to the address data.  From searching for an address, UPRN, USRN, Organisation Name or other attributes of a property, Bluelight Gazetteer has a range of methods for you to locate the data.

We have also provided the ability to search metadata as well as your own user defined abbreviations “West Ave” for instance will search for “West Avenue”.

Property Lifecycle

AddressBase Premium shows the entire lifecycle of a property from creation to retirement. The Bluelight Gazetteer will show this information when a property is selected, enabling the user to see the status of the property along with its historical data.


The Bluelight Gazetteer features an embedded GIS along with a fast, customisable user interface. Your data is also visualised via the map pane with street and property types displayed with different icons and/or different colours.

Manage Updates

The Bluelight Gazetteer is designed to receive AddressBase Premium Change Only Updates (COUs) direct from the data’s source (Ordnance Survey), which will keep for your organisation’s address data permanently up to date.

These updates can be exported via Bluelight iExchange in a DTF format (other address formats are available), to enable an easy import into your front and back office systems to maintain consistency across your organisation.



Through discussions with users in the Emergency Services, Utilities and Financial services, we have designed the Bluelight Gazetteer to include a host of features and functionality that is not only built to the specifications laid out by users, but is also not available in any other system.

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Importing Wizards

The Bluelight Gazetteer features a number of manually run import wizards. Whether it’s a full dataset, a Change Only Update (COU) or importing local records, the software will guide you through the process of importing different types of data so that the process is simple and easy to follow.

Automated Updates

The Bluelight Gazetteer can be automatically kept up to date with address changes using the Bluelight Import Service.  Organisations with this setup are able to automatically process AddressBase Change Only Update (COU) files to a schedule that suits them and their organisation.


The Bluelight Gazetteer can open other GIS files (including but not limited to Raster Images, TAB, SHP, DBF) which can then be displayed on the map.  Once added the user can save the settings to a workspace so that they open each time Bluelight is started.  User will typically configure aerial photography, OS MasterMap as layers within the workspace so that the properties and street locations can be better represented.

Custom Abbreviations

Close, Gardens, Arcade and Corner are all examples of addressing elements that regularly get abbreviated. The Bluelight Gazetteer features custom abbreviations, enabling users to search Cl, Gdns et al, along with any other defined abbreviation need to help with quick and easy searching.

AddressBase Premium

Now containing over 40 million addresses, the AddressBase Premium dataset has become the largest and most accurate dataset in the country ever compiled. We’ve designed the Bluelight Gazetteer to be fully compatible with AddressBase Premium, meaning users have the capacity to combine a flexible and powerful gazetteer with the best dataset available.


We’ve designed the Bluelight Gazetteer to be customisable with the addition of extra modules. The Xtended Data module can be added to enable users to add non-AddressBase Premium fields to data, whilst iMatch can be added to enable users to match and Geocode their data.

Local Only Creation

Local Only Creation

Build on AddressBase Premium by adding organisation specific, such as Alternatively Named or Street Segments, local only records. These are records that are so specific to an organisation that they would not be included in a standard address dataset, yet holding them alongside the AddressBase Premium will have clear efficiency gains.

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The local records created are automatically designed to be in the AddressBase Premium format. This enables easy sharing and exporting with other systems and other organisations and retains that ease when they share theirs with you.  This simplifies the process as well as giving you further control over your address data.

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