Geostore enables users to share geographical information across departments and also with external organisations.



Geostore is a Spatial Data Warehouse. It provides a dynamic centralised repository for spatial and non-spatial data. It simplifies the administration, management and the import/ publishing of that data, allowing it to be easily integrated into both desktop and browser-based applications.

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GeoStore provides a solution to the problem of multiple data silos and is capable of storing, managing and publishing most common UK GI formats, as well as GML, the open standard for geographic data enabling joint working between partner organisations.

GeoStore is ideally suited for use across both the public and private sectors. Any organisation with data silos or multiple GIS can benefit from the simplified working that GeoStore provides.

It enables customers with semi technical skillsets such as GIS Managers/Specialists to manage spatial data and has also been used as a productivity tool for Database Administrators.



Geostore can import, manage and publish the following file formats, as well storing them all in one place:
• MapInfo TAB
• ESRI Shape

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