iManage provides the tools to easily create, maintain and analyse your BS7666 compliant Local Authority gazetteer.



Symphony iManage is a Gazetteer Management System (GMS) used exclusively within the public sector and is the core product within the Symphony Suite of software solutions. It has been designed to provide a local authority with the tools to easily create and maintain a BS7666 compliant Land & Property Gazetteer whilst adhering to national data standards at all times.

Whether you need an LLPG Management solution or LSG/ASD, iManage has all the tools you need.

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Maintain and Update the LLPG or LSG

iManage is a software solution that allows you to maintain your LLPG or LSG with ease.  It contains a whole range of features to make the task as simple and efficient as possible.  The features include the ability to perform data Imports/Exports, undertake bulk updates and powerful searching for USRN, UPRN, Address, Street and Postcode.  Many of the advanced features are wizard driven, making their use intuitive for those who haven’t had formal training in BS7666, so regardless of whether your editing a Street, BLPU, LPI or Cross Reference, the easy to use software helps you get the job done with ease.


iManage was the first GMS system to be compliant with the BS7666 standard and has continued to remain compatible as changes have been made.   iManage takes the worry of meeting data standards out of address management, leaving users able to focus on their day to day work. When using the application if a user fails to meet the requirements of address creation or maintenance they will be informed of the areas in which they need adjust in order to comply with the standards.

Along with BS7666 compliancy, iManage also maintains up to date DTF standards. Whether you want to export in DTF 7.3 v3.1, DTF 7.3 v2.1 or DTF 8.1, iManage allows you to perform this and whenever a new standard is announced we ensure our software adheres to it, meaning you can continue your work with the minimum of fuss.



iManage has been packed with features to make it a market leader in Gazetteer Management Systems. We’ve included ways to visualise and interact with your data and wizards to assist with imports and exports, in addition to other features to make iManage not only a vital business tool, but also efficient and practical for users.

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Visual Mapping and GIS Tools

iManage has been designed with ease of use in mind. It features an embedded map meaning your address data can be instantly visualised on screen. The user interface is customisable, as well as being fast and intuitive to use – simply click on a property or street to edit it.

Users who have experience of using a GIS application such as MapInfo will find using iManage very simple as we use many GIS Tools within iManage.  Tools such as Panning, Zooming, Layer Control and Object Editing features provide full interactivity with your data.  Even if a user isn’t familiar with using a GIS, the tools are incredibly intuitive and within a short space of time a user will be proficient with the interface and navigating around the application.

Import and Export Wizards

Easily getting data into your GMS is one of the key features of iManage. With ease of use in mind, we’ve created wizards for both importing and exporting your data. Whether it’s a full dataset, or a change only update, the software features a number of wizards to help you import and export your LLPG and LSG data.

Default Lookups

When creating new data for streets or properties you will often choose the same values for some of information, this is why we introduced a feature referred to as Default Lookups.  The feature itself is incredibly simple to set up and it will immediately saves your users time and ensures data quality across your gazetteer.

Default lookups are system wide settings that you are able to set according to your own requirements.  Each time a new street or property is created it will use these default lookups to autocomplete the information – Street, BLPU, LPI etc. (which can then be overridden if necessary).  So if your site wishes to always create data with a BLPU Cross Reference from specified Source or assign a certain type of ASD record to a Street, iManage has that covered.



Different organisations have different uses and requirements from their BS7666 Gazetteer. With this in mind, we’ve designed iManage to be modular to fit user’s needs.

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iManage LSG

A standard modular component for the gazetteer management of local streets.

iManage ASD

Information held alongside your LSG data, including elements such as highway authority, footways, private roads and carriageways.

iManage ASD+

An add on to the standard ASD Module containing additional display features and the addition of Type 64 and 65 records.

Xtended Data Module

Add non-BS7666 data to your gazetteer without losing BS7666 standards. Click here to find out more

Multi Edit of Properties & Streets

Multi Edit of Properties & Streets

When a bulk update to existing properties or streets is required, the multi edit tool takes the time out of the process and makes it quicker and easier. It also includes the ability to move properties to the correct location, simply by clicking and dragging on the map, helping users visualise the changes that are required.

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We have built the multi edit tool into iManage to give users the ability to edit properties in bulk when required.  The ability to multi edit will save users time and increase efficiency as it removes the need to edit each individual property on a street or area manually if the same update needs to be applied to all, for example when new properties go from provisional to approved or when new postcodes need to be confirmed.

iManage will allow a user to undertake a multi-edit in several ways, each of these methods will allow a user to save significant time when undertaking changes to the data

  • Selecting all properties on a street
  • Selecting properties from the Map window
  • Creating a Geographic area and selecting the properties which fall within that area.
  • Opening a CSV or XLS file containing a list of USRN’s or UPRN’s
  • Performing a Search and passing the results through to the multi-edit.
Full Property Maintenance Life Cycle

Full Property Maintenance Life Cycle

Maintaining Address Data is one of the most important facets of a Custodians role.  iManage has been designed to make the maintenance of street & property data as simple and as powerful as possible, ensuring that the national BS7666 standard is adhered to at all times.

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iManage performs data checks each time a record is saved to ensure they meet the LLPG or LSG validation standards. This will give users peace of mind that every time a change is made, it won’t be affecting the quality of their data in any way, especially if it is due to be uploaded to the National Hub.

When paired with our Street Naming and Numbering module, any new created properties can also be processed thanks to the seamless integration between the two modules, removing an extra layer of admin for the LLPG custodians and SNN officers.   Using the Street Naming and Numbering module will give your organisation a full property maintenance life cycle process.  Click here to find out more

Advanced Searching

Advanced Searching

iManage contains powerful search technology, making finding the address or street you’re looking for quick and easy. With a number of searching options, from quick to advanced, iManage also includes search parameters other than the address, giving users even broader control over the searching of their LLPG.

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As well as being able to search by Addresses, iManage has the facility to search by other criteria. If required, UPRNs, USRNs, Cross References and ESU IDs can all be searched, giving users more control and accuracy over their search results.

The Advanced search feature gives users the option to search by locality, postcode or classification making the search more bespoke and when relevant, enabling an area specific search. Alternatively, the Quick Search works out what you’ve entered and gives the best result, if users aren’t looking for a deep level of detail.

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