iMatch can be used to validate, cleanse, update and Geocode your address data



Standardised data is one of the most underrated tools in the address management armoury. Through standardisation, the same data can be used across different departmental systems, ensuring everybody is reading from the same page.

Symphony iMatch has been used successfully by organisations across the UK to make significant gains in efficiency and data quality. Along with data matching, it can be used for cleansing and validation, as well as geocoding, enabling users to have access to better quality data that has increased in value.

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Matching to the UPRN

Symphony iMatch allows for the creation of system cross referencing by tagging all address files with a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN).

The UPRN has become the de facto address identifier across the UK, and by using this identifier, iMatch can guarantee that your staff are all referencing the same properties, thereby reducing errors and offering a better service to your customers.


Utilises iManage

As well as being a standalone piece of software, iMatch is also available as a module as part of our iManage GMS software.

By seamlessly integrating with iManage, users can directly access data from their LLPG. By using iMatch to cleanse, validate, match and update their LLPG data, they can be sure that their central data repository, is accurate and that the quality of their data is high.



iMatch is bursting at the seams with different features to enable users to Validate, Cleanse, Match, Update & Geocode their Address Data.

Coupled with the ability to integrate with 3rd party systems and a simple user interface, Symphony iMatch is the perfect solution to your address matching needs.

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AddressBase and LLPG records both contain an Easting and Northing map reference. Symphony iMatch can be used to transfer these coordinates to other address databases making the data fully compatible with background mapping and aerial photography.

This gives the ability for each department’s data to be viewed spatially and brings a new, accurate method of data management. By providing a better understanding of assets and customers, along with the better forecasting, long term planning and risk assessment it also offers, Symphony iMatch will improve operational excellence.


3rd Party Integration

By using the UPRN as an identifier, iMatch can be used to cross reference your data with other systems, regardless of whether they’re supplied by Aligned Assets or not.

You can also create Application Cross Reference import files import files from your matched address files for importing into your AddressBase or LLPG data to ensure that all of your data is correctly matched and up to date.


Logging and Audit Trail

When matching your address data, Symphony iMatch gives you the options to Accept, Ignore, Reject, or Log Issue the address. This simple process gives users a clear and simple framework for highlighting where a piece of data is incorrect or needs attention.

The log that is created will enable users to see the history of an address if needs be, as well as creating a full history and audit trail which can be searched.


Simple User Interface

We believe the matching process should be a simple one and we’ve designed the interface of iMatch to reflect this.

The iMatch manager has clear, defined categories based on whichever process you want to execute. The information is always clearly displayed and the export option makes it easy to choose what sort of file you want to export to, whether it’s DTF (7.3 v3.1, 7.3 v2.1, 6.3) or format.

Address Matching

Address Matching

Symphony iMatch, allows you to add a wealth of address attributes such as the Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRN) and geographic coordinates to your existing data.

The software is flexible enough to offer users both automated and interactive matching depending on what their need is.

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Automated matching

Automated matching mode does exactly what it says, it automates the matching process. Once the matching criteria has been defined by the user, iMatch can be set to automatically match data – perfect for change only updates.

Interactive matching

In the instances when a more manual approach is needed, users can switch to Interactive Matching mode. Users can manually Accept, ignore, reject or log any issues that are found, enabling them to have complete control over the quality of their data on an address by address basis.

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