SinglePoint allows users to search their organisation’s address data records through a web browser, and allows system developers to integrate with Web Services



SinglePoint allows address searching through a central portal giving your organisation and its user’s instant access to the address data you hold. Not only will this save your organization money on licensing and IT requirements, but it ensures that the correct address is used and shared throughout.

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Save money

If your organisation, like most, has a vast array of different address databases scattered throughout its departments the costs can start to add up: database licensing, server maintenance and multiple departments trying to keep these databases up to date. SinglePoint can remove these costs, saving your staff time and money.

Increase Accuracy

The AddressBase products are the most accurate and up to date address datasets available to your organisation. Symphony SinglePoint ensures that everyone has access to this information.

Increase Efficiency

By providing the ability for multiple address databases to be included, SinglePoint enables shared services between multiple organisations to be embraced, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Powerful Search

SinglePoint can be used with a single line search bar (like google), in which any combination of search terms can be entered. Alternatively, it has advanced search function for other specific fields, like USRN, UPRN, Easting and Northing.

Fully Customisable Appearance

From the colour and layout through to the search criteria, SinglePoint can be customized to look, feel and work exactly how you want it to.

Flexible Deployment Options

SinglePoint has countless methods of use:

  • Combination with a names database to give access to both names and addresses
  • Linking to a CRM system to give instant access to addresses
  • Postcode Searches to retrieve address data
  • Extraction of address data based on specific criteria


SinglePoint contains a number of features that makes the searching of your database quick and effective. The advanced searching, multi database options and web based interface make SinglePoint a powerful tool for allowing corporate access to your data.

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Fully Compatible with AddressBase Premium

AddressBase Premium is the most accurate and up to date dataset available. It contains over 40 million entries, each one featuring a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN). Since no UPRN can ever be used twice, even when a property no longer exists, ensuring no duplication. SinglePoint can give every department in an organisation access to AddressBase Premium records and through the use of the UPRN, each user can be assured of consistent accuracy throughout the organisation.

Embed address searching in your existing applications

Use the Singlepoint Web Service to embed address searching into your existing applications, eliminating the need to switch between systems to search for address data.

Multi Gazetteer Search

Through the use of adaptor technology, Singlepoint can index, compress and search a large number of different data sources alongside your core data. Examples of compatible data sources are:

  • NLPG
  • AddressBase® Premium
  • OS MasterMap® Address Layer 2
  • Royal Mail PAF
  • Key holder information
  • Electoral Register
  • Incident Database
  • Pointer
  • Hydrant Database
  • Criminal Records Database
  • QAS® NameTracer Pro

Feedback for user notification of address omissions or errors

If configured to an SMTP mail server then users can use the feedback link to report gazetteer errors to the configured custodian. This quick feedback tool can ensure that when errors are found, they can be rectified quickly and easily. Please note, this is only available via the SinglePoint application, not the web service.

Enhanced Configuration Settings

Enhanced Configuration Settings

SinglePoint includes features such as Intelligent Predictive searching, customisable hyperlinks from search results and flexible adapters to configure against other datasets. Through the use of CSS the SinglePoint interface can also be configured to reflect the look and feel of your corporate branding.

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Intelligent Predictive Searching

SinglePoint has been built to feature Intelligent Predictive Searching – think the suggestions made by search engines as you type in a web browsers. As you type your search query, SinglePoint will provide suggestions in a dropdown menu for you to select. If none of these selections meet your criteria just finish typing and hit search and the process will continue as normal.

Flexible Adaptors

By being able to connect to other Databases, SinglePoint can be used across your systems – even if not all of the components are provided by Aligned Assets. The flexible adaptors built into SinglePoint make this possible and thus enabling a powerful search across all of your systems.

Customisable Interface

SinglePoint’s customisable interface allows organisations to change the logos, colours and branding found within the application to make it fit with their corporate branding guidelines.

Server Side Processing

Server Side Processing

SinglePoint is a server side application, which means it can be installed on site or as a hosted solution through Aligned Assets.

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By having SinglePoint installed centrally it eliminates the need for different Address databases, and with that, the need for multiple licensing and server maintenance costs. It also reduces the time each department has to spend maintaining their own records, as everything is stored centrally, meaning their time can be spent on more beneficial tasks.

As well as being installed onsite, SinglePoint is also available as a hosted solution, giving you the same level of service, but without the initial set up costs.

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Designed with GIS in Mind

Designed with GIS in Mind

The use of GIS in both the Public and Private sector is becoming increasingly important, yet it is still limited to a few departments. With the benefits it can bring, SinglePoint has been designed with multiple departments and GIS in mind

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The use of GIS in organisations is rapidly changing and expanding, but it is still restricted to a limited amount of departments. SinglePoint has been designed with GIS in mind to maximize the benefits that can be gained from its use.

Address data sources contain a geocode alongside the address, which enables a property’s location to be sourced on a map using GIS. SinglePoint has been designed to work with any 3rd party web mapping solution, both commercial and open source, giving all users access to the spatial visualization of the data. The results are also fully customizable, regardless of whether you’re using Bing, Google Maps, MapInfo or another 3rd party application, subject to the appropriate mapping licenses you hold.

Web Services and Integration

Web Services and Integration

Singlepoint also facilitates integration with other key systems through the use of web services. Whether you’re looking for a postcode lookup dropdown on a form/web page or for a complex geographic lookup search – SinglePoint has the Web Services you are looking for.

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Web Services

SinglePoint can be embedded into your own web pages to enable address searching across an organization, eliminating the need for every user to have the application installed. This is facilitated by the SOAP Web service which allows external systems to connect to SinglePoint to do address searches and lookups. These Web Services allow for users to search the data without being able to edit it, reducing the risk of users accidentally comprising the data.


Along with external systems, SinglePoint can be integrated with other Aligned Assets modules. SinglePoint can act as a searching tool with our Gazetteer Management modules iManage and Bluelight as well as being integrated with our Address matching and cleansing module iMatch.

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