Symphony Blackbox automates the exports process of your address data to other departments within your organisation and to the National Hub.



Symphony Blackbox is a simple and affordable way to automate your address data exports to other council departments and the national hub, irrespective of which gazetteer management system you use.

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Once set up Blackbox can be left to manage address data exports, saving time by eliminating the need to manually update disparate systems.

It allows you to set up as many recipients as you like, and for each one determine how frequently they receive the data, what format that data is in and precisely what data is received.

With the Blackbox, you can realise gains in efficiency through the Council’s use of the UPRN and more accurate address data, and importantly, it can place your role and your gazetteer at the heart of council operations.

In addition to sending updates to your back office systems, Symphony Blackbox will also allow you to automate your updates to the national hub.

By also having SDTF and DTF 6.3 and 7.3 compliancy Blackbox can also export to any 3rd party system seamlessly.



Symphony Blackbox gives users control over their address data exports. Through automation, filtering and scheduling, users can tailor their exports to whatever parameters they wish, giving peace of mind that their data will be sent out to those who require it.

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Filter Settings

In most instances Symphony Blackbox will be used to update departmental address data with the most recent changes (change-only-updates). However there are instances in which only certain types of address data will require export, or certain departments will require only subsets of the data.

To facilitate this, Symphony Blackbox has various filter settings that enable full flexibility for data deployment by configuring the recipients to receive only the address data exports that they want.

Automatic Updates

Automation is essential in today’s fast-paced world and anything that can minimise human interaction is a desirable commodity.

Fundamental to Symphony Blackbox is that it not only ensures that all departments are using the most up to date address data, but importantly that the process of updating is almost entirely automated. Key to it is the simple ‘set and forget’ functionality, which means once you have set up who receives what, and when they receive it, all you need to do is run the process once and Blackbox will automatically do the rest.

In addition to automatically updating your systems, it will also automatically generate and send out emails to the recipients, as well as giving access to a full, complete audit trail of those notifications, which can be found in the repository folder location. It is then easy to review results that have been previously sent to individual recipients.

Scheduled Importer

In order to make your integration as simple as possible, Symphony Blackbox comes with a Scheduled Importer that will recognise when you have exported your gazetteer data and automatically import it for distribution across the council.

Loading your gazetteer data into the Symphony schema, which forms the basis of our award winning gazetteer management system, means that you are only required to run the process once and the Blackbox will then configure that data as per your settings and export to your recipient list.

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