Symphony International

Symphony International is a suite of Address Management products that have been designed to help nations or regions that have a lack of structured, formal addressing.



Symphony International is a suite of Address Management products that have been designed to help nations or regions that have a lack of structured, formal addressing.

These products will provide benefits to Regional and National Governments, utility services, private sector companies and beyond.

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The problems encountered by nations or regions that have named streets and properties but which are not electronically or centrally logged or where there is little or no formal addressing are numerous. Symphony International has been designed to alleviate these and provide benefits to Administrative and Commercial sectors.

By creating a centrally stored, structured and organised repository of addresses, Symphony International can help bring benefits to the following:

Central and Regional Government

  • Collect domestic and commercial property taxes
  • Control on-going development
  • Monitor and minimise property related corruption and crime are hindered. This includes:
    • Ownership fraud
    • Tax avoidance
    • Unauthorised building

Key Public Sector Organisations like the Emergency Services

Up to date address information is of the upmost importance to key public sector organisations, such as the Emergency services, where the benefits of having accurate addressing for mobilization is clear. Without clear addressing:

  • The management of and response to crime and can be compromised leading to ineffective law and order
  • There is uncertainty to the safety of citizens and key assets as fire and rescue services find it difficult to mobilise and take pro-active fire prevention activities
  • The health of citizens is affected due to ambulance services being unable to respond to an incident in a timely fashion.

The Provision of Services

The provision of services is adversely affected. Lack of a central address register means planning and billing are also compromised. The areas include:

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Sewage
  • Waste collection
  • Gas
  • Telecoms
  • Post

Private Sector

Unavailability of address data to private sector companies. The consequence is that it:

  • Limits commerce and therefore stifles economic development
  • This in turns limits investment and revenue raising scope for central and local governments.


Symphony International is based on our award winning LLPG software iManage, but it has been engineered for use outside of the UK.

It provides the tools needed to enable nations to establish a structured, maintainable, easy to access store of electronic addresses, quickly and efficiently.

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The key characteristic of the tools are:

  • Based on British Standard and World Bank conventions for street naming and numbering.
  • Proven and mature technology and processes used across the UK by numerous organisations
  • The ability to create, maintain and name streets – including auto naming.
  • The ability to create, maintain and number properties automatically
  • Multi-lingual capability – Can hold the street name in more than one language
  • Can hold legacy and local street names. The solution acknowledges that it takes time for local populations to adopt official names and addresses so old and local names still need to be used.
  • Full national search capability that can be used by people or systems.
  • Can store the history of the address when property and street changes occur.
  • Automatic update of addresses when spatial boundaries change
  • Can name and number complex or disorganised settlements such as slum dwellings.
  • Address matching capability. This can be used when trying to harmonise addresses stored in multiple systems.
  • Ability to hold non-address information against a location.
  • Can import and export address information from and two other database and GIS systems.
  • Can integrate with industry standard GIS systems.
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