Consultancy by Aligned Assets

Our Consultants have over 30 years of BS7666 experience between them

Aligned Assets’ consultants are experienced in all aspects of AddressBase, LLPG, LSG, BS7666 and Address Management Consultancy. We can provide advice, specifications, proposals, and project management for all your BS7666 gazetteer solutions.

Consultancy Options

The consultancy services we can provide range from creating business cases through to improving an existing process or work flow.

Our Business Consultancy services will enable your organisation to fully explore the benefits of the AddressBase, LLPG & LSG systems or processes that you have in place and start to use the BS7666 standard toward your goals. Whether you’re new to Address Management or fully experienced, we have options for all, including the following:

  • Oracle to SQL Database switching
  • Data Correction
  • System Integration
  • AddressBase
  • LLPG & LSG
  • BS7666
  • Address Management

We also offer technical consultancy, covering areas such as Database Maintenance Activities, Test Environments, Backup Processes and Disaster Recovery Planning. Whatever your requirement, our services will provide outstanding reassurance and value for money.

In order to best utilise the gazetteer systems you have in place, Technical Consultancy can be a highly useful resource in supporting your existing mechanisms. These services are flexible and are adapted around the resources your organisation has, from us providing a ‘complete service’ through to skills transference to staff within your organisation.

Our consultants are able to provide services in:

  • Data Queries
  • Database Maintenance Activities
  • Test Environments
  • System Upgrades
  • Backup Processes
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • System Architecture Design
  • System Moves

All of our consultancy options are completely bespoke, so whether you only require half a day or whether you need us to be part of an ongoing project, we’re here to help and to provide the best service you require.