Sample Business Data

Our Business Data is the most accurate on the market. Learn how you can receive free Sample Business Data for your area

Business names have always been a problem for those involved in Address Management. A large number of businesses go out of business before Local Authorities can capture their details and no supplier of address data, whether it’s Ordnance Survey or the Royal Mail have ever been able to provide a consistently accurate and up to date source.

Our database of over 2 million, independently sourced, business names is available the most accurate and up to date Business Names dataset available.

We understand that buying any new data can be a significant outlay, and that is why we offer the ability to try and sample of the data for free, to see if it meets your requirements.

What’s Included?

As part of the sample business data, the records you receive will include the following fields

URN Street Record Derived 1 Derived 2
Company Name Add1 Add2 Locality
Town County Postcode Market sector Code
Market Sector Description Number of Employees Telephone Number TPS
NORTHING Title1 Fname1 Sname1
Position1 Change Type Indicator Company Name Len Derived Company Name
Historic Derived Company Name Cross Reference Key UPRN Matched UPRN
Count LPI Key Count UPRN DETR Code User Org Name
Matched X Matched Y Matched Status Matched Percent
Matched Address Matched UPRN Matched Comment Row Number
Cross Reference BLPU Classification Derived BLPU Description SIC 2007 Description

Which Areas Does the Sample Business Data Cover?

We can provide the Business Names by council region, other geographic boundary or to match a list of postcodes or postcode sectors. This will enable you to see the impact our database could have on your geographic area, rather than seeing a list of businesses in an area that means nothing to you.

How Do I Get a Sample?

To request a sample just fill in the form on the right and state which postcodes you’d be interested in seeing a sample for. Once submitted, you will contacted shortly by an Aligned Assets representative, who where possible, will provide you with the Sample Business Data.