Address Matching & Cleansing

Have you ever been asked by your boss to investigate why you getting so many letters returned undelivered? Do you have any issues locating where your customers are? Have you ever wanted to tag your address data with an official address? Have you ever wanted to tag your address data with a BS7666 UPRN? Have you been tasked to perform an Address Matching exercise?

If you answered yes to any of those questions our Address Matching and Cleansing solution will help you out!

But what is Address Cleansing? Address Cleansing, put simply, is the process of ensuring that your organisation’s address data is fit for purpose.

Here at Aligned Assets we have over 18 years’ experience of address matching solutions. Using sophisticated matching routines within our matching solution (iMatch), a user is able to take a list of addresses (in any structured or non-structured format) and cleanse those against a centralised address list, such as the AddressBase products, or against those in your central gazetteer. The end result will be an official address, a recognised national identifier and a geographic location of that property.

You will then have a better understanding of your address data through those records which couldn’t be matched/cleansed.

We offer our iMatch solution as a module within our Address Management Solutions, as a standalone product and as a service where we do the matching for you. Contact us to find out which is the right solution for you.