Address Searching

Address searching is one of the most fundamental solutions when it comes to gazetteer and address management – you have addresses, but you need to find the one(s) you are looking for.

Although many companies offer a postcode search, there are many more options available, only Aligned Assets have developed fully customisable Address Searching solutions enabling users to search for whatever field they require.

Using a method very similar to internet search engines, the simple one line search option enables you to type any part of the address or combination of address components into the search bar and have this as your search criteria. Alternatively, you can have complete control over the search criteria you want to set up and offer your users a wide range of options if required.

Although in many instances address searching will take place through the customisable front end, there is also the option to establish web services that enable other software systems to search addresses when required.

Our Address Searching solutions are available as a standalone product, a module as part of our other solutions or as hosted solution, eliminates the need for hardware and software setup costs, but still allows them to search and use AddressBase Premium and retain the same features as the standalone and modular versions.