UPRN – What is it?

What is the UPRN? UPRN is an acronym for Unique Property Reference Number and is a unique twelve digit number assigned to every unit of land and property recorded by local government, who have a statutory obligation to record all changes in property details, including all new builds.

Every property in Great Britain has a UPRN and because they are distributed centrally, once used, that UPRN can never be repeated, which ensures the consistent accuracy of address data.

Each record, across all three AddressBase products, contains a UPRN.

There are many reasons why your organisation needs UPRNs, but chief among them is the ability to uniquely identify properties and therefore remove the possibility of error. There are many ways to spell an address, but only ever one UPRN

We live in an information age and huge swathes of that information will be linked to a property. With a UPRN attributed to each property, you will have a method through which to quickly, easily and accurately associate and cross reference all information.

But what are the benefits of the UPRN?

  • Ensures that customer details are recorded against the correct property
  • Provides a comprehensive method of cross referencing
  • Ensures that the correct information about a location is accurately retrieved
  • Affords a higher level of confidence in your data
  • Allows for better interdepartmental working
  • Aids in strategic planning through consistent working
  • Cuts down on the number of errors caused by duplicate records
  • Allows for joined up working and the sharing of data across different organisations
  • Helps to identify all premises where services are provided
  • Provides better asset management through more cohesive tracking

All of our solutions are geared towards using the UPRN as a property identifier, and adopting the UPRN as the golden thread that passes through and unites your data will be beneficial to your users and your organisation.